Holy Cow!

Posted by Cowboy on September 14, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Good Morning Everyone!


It has been almost half a year since I l ast blogged, wow, that is pretty pathetic. In my defense, I'm really grasping at straws here, I have just started a new job and have been traveling some, but now that I am settling into the position, I can finally be a bit more active on the site. Bear baiting went really well this year with alot of activity all day long on most of our baits. When hunting rolled around the daytime activity lessened but that didn't stop BJ and Carp from harvesting their first bears ever! I want to take a moment to CONGRATULATE both of them on a very successful hunt again! It is always a pleasure having those two around. Bonehead's wife “Mitch” is still trying to attach her tag to her first bear however. She has been seeing bear pretty regular at every bait she has hunted, but none have been the one she is looking for. Good Luck again this weekend "Mitch." I am pretty excited that the bow hunting opener is only a day away! It has been quite hard to concentrate at work when all you can think about is being in a lofty perch waiting for that big swamp donkey to come walking past you. I want to wish all the bear hunters out there who haven’t filled their tags good luck, and also to all those who are taking to the woods this week in search of their trophy whitetail! And remember, a huge rack isn’t always what makes the trophy, to me it’s the camaraderie of the camp, the enjoyment of nature and the skills you learn on every hunt that makes every time sitting a “trophy” to put on my memory wall. Good Luck!

God Bless,


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