Perch fishing

Posted by Cowboy on January 16, 2012 at 9:45 PM

G'day mates,


The perch fishing was a bust this past Sunday. Strawhead and I headed out to a spot where we had previous success, but it was tough this day. We marked a lot of fish along with seeing them on our Marcum underwater camera, but they were very finiky. I did manage to catch my largest perch to date though. It was just a hair over 12". (picture below) I would also like to welcome our new members and thank everyone for such a huge response to our sturgeon scouting video! I hope more of you become members so we can enjoy in your outdoor experiences as well. Thank you all again very much!

God Bless,



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10:16 PM on January 16, 2012 
Looks like you know where to find some decent perch too.
Reply Cowboy
10:25 PM on January 16, 2012 
Yes, my father is a very skilled outdoorsman, so I can't take the credit for getting on the fish...only the credit that I was lucky enough for that nice perch to bite my jig. Thank you very much for all your support. I look forward in sharing our hunting and fishing with you, and hope you do the same! May luck find you in life and the outdoors. God Bless.
10:34 PM on January 16, 2012 
If you don't mind sharing, are you using anything special for the perch and what body of water are you fishing?
Reply Cowboy
6:06 AM on January 17, 2012 
Nothing special, just a jig tipped with a wax worm and minnow on a bare hook and bobber. And we have been fishing Winnebago for the perch.
Reply JeremyRem
6:54 PM on January 4, 2020 
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