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Well, it that time of year again where all us diehard outdoorsman hit the woods with our archery equipment insearch of the always challanging elusive whitetail. Season starts in just three days everyone ive talked to is in high gear locked and loaded, ready to go. As you can see in the trail cam videos and photo gallaries, my bother and I have very high expectations with the quality deer running around our area. We've got most our stands set in places where we think we have the upper hand on trying to score a nice Wisconsin Buck, but only time will tell. I, myself have been sitting a few nights in the stand already laying down some great footage of the deer, Sunday night i got great footage of the doe with tripplets eating on our food plot. They were all of 15 yards away when they came out, just the site of them got my heart racing. Of the three fawns only one had lost its spots and the other two hadn't. In the next couple of weeks I hope to put this footage alond with some more up on the site to share with all.

Hopefully you all will have the video cameras out in the woods gettng some great footage to share with the Yellowbrick members and prostaff.

Let the season Begin, Good Luck to all who hit the woods this year.

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