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Brian(aka: Bonehead)
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Well I hope everyone had a great opening weekend.  I know I did.  With the cooler temps our food plots lit up late last week and it continued into the weekend.  Maybe the fact that the plots were so good also had something to do with the fact that last week was the first week since June that we didn't have a wolf on camera.  Late in the week we were getting numerous pictures of 4 shooter bucks in the plots before dark.  On Saturday Strawhead headed to a oak ridge about a mile walk from the cabin and he saw 5 deer.  Cowboy sat in a Summit overlooking the 1.5 acres of turnips and saw 9 different deer.  2 of them were bucks a spike and a 14" 6ptr.  I sat over the 1.5 acres of soybeans and saw seven different deer.  Thats right we saw 16 different deer in our foodplots.  Something a week ago I woulda bet a paycheck wouldn't happen with all the wolves we have around.  Just goes to show you how fast the deer can change.  Im used to the deer movement changing against my favor instead of in my favor.  A very welcome change.  At 6:30 right on cue the 18" 8pt along with a spike come out to feed in the beans.  After 20 minutes the 8pt was at 30 yards and I decided to take the shot.  One piece of equipment I will not leave without is my rangefinder especially with having an effective range of 40yds.  It is absolutely crucial to have.  Without it I might as well shoot a bow that can only shoot to 20yds.  Needlessly to say at thirty yards the rage broadhead had a complete passthrout and left an enourmous blood trail.  Sixth deer shot with one and not a problem yet.  Greatest broadhead I have ever shot.  The buck went down 50yds from where he stood.  Last night cowboy and I green scored him at 126".  He also weighed 175#.  Well its back to work for the week and back up north next weekend.  Hopefully I can pinpoint a buck for Strawhead and Cowboy.  Good luck to all.

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