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Great video...Were these videos from last year? All from Winnebago?

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sturgeon hunter
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Awesome video.  How did you guys get those videos?  Please keep them coming.  I am getting anxious for this year.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  Also the other videos are awesome.  Keep up the good work guys.

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Brian(aka: Bonehead)
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Thanks guys for the positive feedback.  If we can get enough positive feedback from everyone Cowboy will work on posting more videos.  We have over 2 hours of clips like the video from the last couple of years and hopefully we can add a new segment every week until spearing begins.  Unfortunately with the weather this year we haven't been able to go scouting ye this year but hopefully things will turn around and we will be able to get out for a couple of weeks this year.  Our group has as much fun scouting as we do spearing.  Also a special thanks to bj and catfish for all their help in scouting.  Our group is the best group of guys I could ask to be around.  Thank goodness they allow me to be in their group.  Over the last couple of years our scouting efforts have really gone up which in turn has jacked our success way up.  If their is enough interest later on I will go into depth on how we scout, what we do and maybe even do a video of how we set up to record.  Also if any of you have any videos to add that would be awesome.  We love to see others stories.  So if you have any PLEASE put them up


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Site Owner
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Thank you all for the great reponse on the sturgeon video. With the growing amount of interest, there is a great chance that there will be more videos coming in the future. I am, however, in New Hampshire for work until Friday so I wouldn't be able to start working on the sequel until this weekend. I also want to welcome our new members who have signed up and encourage more people to do so. I would love to share in your adventures as well! Please keep the positive feedback coming and good luck with all your near future endeavors.

God Bless,


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Looks like your group is pretty successfull. Are you going to share any tips? Where did the soft water pictures come from BJ?

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Is Catfish part of your spearing group?

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I got the pictures last year from the boat. with my underwater camera.

Yes Catfish is a big part of are group,


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Awsome video thanks for sharing. I have a question i hope you can answer for me. Whats hanging in the hole as a decoy that the fish are so intrested in?

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Sturgeon Surgeon
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awsome video guys! 

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