YellowBrick Outdoors Pro-Staff Members

Jason Loker-Owner

Born and raised in Omro, WI, Jason brings over 20 years of hunting and fishing experience to the table. Jason has fished in competitive walleye tournaments with brother and co-creator Brian. Along with being an avid fisherman, "Cowboy" also loves to spend his days in the woods scouting and hunting white-tailed deer and black bear in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. Along with these skills, he also has the knowledge of web design and video producing in his resume. Jason is the brain and creator behind YellowBrick Outdoors Custom Lures as well.  With much to still master about all above topics, the journey to professional will be a fun one to watch!
Steve "Strawhead" Loker-ProStaff                   
Hailing from Omro, WI for his entire young life, Steve is the proverbial Yoda to this young ProStaff carrying some 30+ years of experience with him. "Strawhead" has  forgotten more about hunting and fishing than the rest of the Pros think they know. With a kind heart and generous spirit, don't think for one moment that he will not share all the information he has in his vast expanse of skill. If you were to glance into Steve's trophy room you would think that he was lucky enough to be hunting in some of the best buck country the nation has to offer. But on the contrary, he has put many hours of blood, sweat and tear into every trophy he has, still hunting the wood choked brush of Northern WI be it a spike or his 193" wall hanger, in one way or another they are all trophies! "I can speak for my brother when I say this, if I'm half the man my father is, in and out of the woods when I grow up, I'll die a happy man."--Jason Loker
Brian "Bonehead" Loker- ProStaff  
As with his brother, Brian was born with the outdoors running through his veins. Bringing with him over 20 years of hunting and fishing experience with him, "Bonehead" is a huge asset to handing down countless skills to the rest of the ProStaff. Brian has fished in numerous competitive walley fishing tournaments as well as harvesting many very respectable whitetailed bucks and a couple of WI black bear to boot.  "If there's anyone besides my father that I look up to in the woods or on the water, this man would have to be it. He puts more heart and soul into the outdoors than any other person I know, and for that, I am glad to be on this staff with him."-Jason Loker

Paula Heider - ProStaff

Paula may be a girl but she sure knows how to fish! Born and raised in Fond du Lac, she’s spent a lot of time on Lake Winnebago. She loves to fish for Walleyes, but occasionally will go fishing for Musky, Bass, and other types of fish. She spends most of her time fishing with her boyfriend, Jesse, who says her secret is “let’s use the pretty baits!” Come winter time, Sturgeon Spearing is where she’s at…. and yes she has speared one! Paula is also a member of the WI Women Fish. But when she’s not fishing, she spends most of her time outdoors with her dogs Diesel & Verado!

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